Legal Services


Jury Trials

Defendants who are charged with crimes are entitled to a trial by jury.  We can take a case all the way to a jury verdict, if necessary.

Plea Bargains

It is sometimes possible to work out a plea-bargain agreement with the State of Texas.  Whether or not to accept the State's offer is totally up the the client.  Our job is to review the facts and relevant law to make sure that our clients are fully informed before making a decision.

Bond Reduction

Initial bond amounts are often set too high.  We work very hard to get those amounts reduced and are often successful.  For example, we recently got a $100,000 bond reduced to $20,000.  Other bond conditions are also subject to modification.

Motions to REvoke Probation

The Probation Department can file motions to revoke probation if a probationer violates his or her bond conditions.  This can mean lengthy prison sentences in felony cases.  Our job is to persuade the Court to continue the probationer on his or her probation, if circumstances allow.


It is sometimes possible to erase the record of an alleged criminal offense.  This procedure is especially important when a person has been found 'not guilty' by a jury. 


Persons who are convicted in criminal trials have a right to appeal the verdict.  We are experienced in criminal appeals.

Federal Court

We defend clients charged with federal crimes in the Western District Of Texas.

Expert witnesses

We retain qualified, respected expert witnesses to evaluate evidentiary issues that are critically important to the defense.